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Mel and shauna

Melissa, with Shauna and Neil McLean December, 2009

In 2006, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At age 36, with 2 young daughters and a high-pressure career as a theatre nurse this news came as a shock. This diagnosis shed some light on some health issues I had been experiencing since the birth of our first daughter in 2000.

2 years after being diagnosed, a number of symptoms such as fatigue, vision issues and muscle control had declined to the point where it meant that I could no longer work. Aside from my career the fatigue issues I was having to deal with placed a considerable amount of pressure on me in my daily activities, particularly in trying to ensure that the issues I was dealing with were having the least amount of impact on my girls.


This added to the personal pressures that I was dealing with emotionally.

When I first spoke to Shauna about her experience, I took the time to look in to the science behind the Colostrum products Shauna was taking. Once I was satisfied that the products were safe, I had an appointment with our neurologist to confirm that I was not going to be doing anything that might compromise my existing treatment. My neurologist was quite comfortable with me taking Colostrum products, so in November 2009 I started on what has become an amazing journey.

Since November I have noticed significant changes in my day to day activities and general wellbeing. Following are some of the most noticeable changes;

  • Each day I had to lie down just after lunch for 45 minutes to an hour, to regain my composure to get through the afternoon and early evening rush. Within 2 weeks of starting on the Colostrum products I no longer had to have my afternoon rest to get through the day.
  • In the first week I noticed a tingling in my right leg, which had given me the most problems with muscle control and fatigue. Over the following weeks I started to regain more feeling and control over that leg.
  • By early December I had a noticeable improvement in my balance.
  • My vision was the first symptom in 2000 and was an intermittent problem until 2003 when vision issues became more persistent and eventually led to my MS diagnosis in 2006. I could not read in low light or anything but the most ideal conditions. In mid December I picked up a Road map in the car and was able to focus on the map and navigate while the car was moving. Something I had not been able to do for years.
  • In January 2010 we went to the Brisbane International tennis tournament. We attended this event a year earlier, and at that time I could barely pick up the ball, could not see it in flight, and only picked up on the ball when the player had moved in to position to hit it. This year I was able to pick up the ball in flight.
  • January 2010 I visited my chiropractor. His response on seeing me was “Wow, look at your eyes!”. He had noticed a significant change in me over the 4-5 weeks since I had last seen him. My husband Derek visits the same chiropractor and at his next visit the chiropractor remarked on what he observed in me and said to Derek that “it appeared that there was some level of repair occurring, which is simply not expected to occur with MS”.
  • My neurologist had me monitoring my walking ability. The first test I did I could only walk for about about 4 minutes before getting tired and having noticable leg weakness, and I would have to stop after 10 minutes. 5 months after starting on Colostrum I could walk for 10 minutes before my leg started to get weak and I had to stop after 20 minutes. Doing the same walking test in September 2010, I could walk for 20 minutes before leg weakness became pronounced and had to stop after 30 minutes walking. In 10 months that is a 200% improvement.

Things appear to be changing and rapidly. This has had a profound impact on my general sense of well-being and my ability to deal with day to day life so much better. Previously my treatment objectives were to try to slow the rate of degeneration and keep me as well as possible in the hope some cure might be found in years to come.

Now, I have hope for a better lifestyle, which I am already experiencing. Rather than expecting to be able to do less with my girls as they grow, I am now able to do more, with an expectation of continued improvement. Even if I only maintain my current level of health, I would consider that a marvelously successful result.

Whilst I have always been positive, the emotional pressure the expectation of continued degeneration has on you is a lot to deal with on top of the daily physical stresses of dealing with a chronic condition. That pressure is being relieved by the day as my body seems to be better able to deal with my condition.

Best regards.
Melissa Morgan

October 2010 





A Real Message of Hope

This is Shauna McLean….a 52 year old mother of two from the Gold Coast on Australia's east coast.

This striking, bubbly, vivacious personality has an amazing amount of energy, a beautiful compassionate nature and the ability to share and empathize with everyone she meets.

It's hard to imagine that once upon a time, for more than 15 years Shauna struggled with her balance, mobility, speech, strength, independence and overall confidence.

That was the devastating effect of Multiple Sclerosis. An attack by the body of it's own defenses: the immune system, causing the insulation of nerve fibers to wear away, effectively short-circuiting motor functions.


Shauna's eyesight was a constant challenge; the right hand side of her face was numb; her taste sensation had gone; the back of her throat was paralyzed causing choking episodes and she was always struggling to avoid falling over. Her quality of life was slowly diminishing and her husband, Neil, and daughters, Courtney 22 and Bayleigh-Rose 19 watched as their loving wife and Mum, slowly deteriorated beyond recognition before their very eyes.

In February 2009, Shauna received a phone call from a friend that was to change her life forever.
The friend suggested an all-natural stem cell treatment, which would have far-reaching effects, beyond any of the conventional treatments Shauna had already tried.

“After being rejected for stem cell treatment at the X Cell Center Germany, I was excited there might be something available closer to home.” Shauna explains.

“I bought a number of natural stem cell products which help boost the immune system, stimulate the growth and release of my own stem cells and provide a ‘delivery system’ to circulate in the body that would effectively stop my body attacking itself.

“The combination of these products has created the most amazing difference to my overall health and well-being.

“Amongst many other things, my vision has improved remarkably, with long-term double vision coming back into single focus. My mobility and energy levels have soared and my balance has improved.”

Within five months, Shauna was loving every second of her new found burst of energy.

The effect on Shauna was contagious and rippled out to the rest of her family and has astounded and delighted the many friends and well-wishers who’ve known her over the years.

The family eventually gave away the wheelchair that was gathering dust in the garage.

Today, Shauna walks freely and normally; she can hop, skip and jog.

“I love every waking second of being alive!” exclaims Shauna. “I feel I have that burst of vitality and energy I used to have and it just keeps getting better with each passing day.”

“I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is to do simple things like being able to get up from a chair, walking upstairs, holding my knife and fork easily, being able to taste food, remembering names. Even walking with our dogs in the park every day is a pleasure and joy I never could have imagined before I started this treatment.”

Shauna’s recovery has been nothing short of miraculous

As Shauna gradually came ‘back’ (anyone with MS will know what is meant here) it re-energized her life and that of her loving family and friends.

Now this beautiful former professional classical ballet dancer is sharing her message of hope around the world: in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway and the United States.

“Incurable’ diseases like MS and many others will be solved and eliminated by the avalanche of answers coming from stem cell research and treatments,” Shauna says. “There is more hope for us all now than we would ever have believed before.”

By sharing her story, Shauna gives more than just hope to everyone she meets: she inspires and motivates by her own example even the most skeptical amongst us!

As Shauna says, “There is hope for everyone”.





Mel and shauna

Karen Norman is rising

For the last 15 years or so Karen Norman has battled the crippling effects of Multiple Sclerosis. MS caused this vibrant young woman to degenerate from a highly active and capable person, to be trapped in a wheelchair and a body that does not do what it used to.


Husband John and Karen's two children have supported her through an amazingly difficult period over many years.

Now thanks to all natural stem cell enhancing products, Karen is emerging from the long, dark abyss that MS creates. This insidious disease attacks the central nervous system and leave's scars (sclerosis....many of them IE Multiple Sclerosis) which damage nerves and impedes messages getting through from the brain to other parts of the body.


In a wheelchair for the last 8 years or so, Karen Norman (nee Karen Lee Moon) is now emerging from the 'fog' of MS.

On a recent visit to the Gold Coast, Karen actually 'stood up' and danced with her husband for the first time in many many years. It was quite a moment for them.

Now Karen and John are taking their message of hope to the rest of the world. Starting in their home town of Mackay, Karen and John are showing the entire community that with dedication to a healthy lifestyle and all natural solutions, anything is possible.

Karen Norman is now living that truth.

Her story is truly inspirational on a number of levels...not the least of which is her voice and her speech....which at one stage was almost non-existent.

Karen and Shauna have become close friends as a result. The 45 year old mother of two calls Shauna her 'pinup girl'.

Watch this space for more news on Karen Norman and the Norman Family Project.