Ultra Diet2TM Starter Pack - 2 Weeks

Price: AUD$ 306.15

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Complete 2 Week Starter Pack Ultra Diet 2TM

Weight management meal supplement programme

Key Features:

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    2 x 420gm cans of Ultra Diet 2

    1 x 420gm can of FibreMax

    1 x Gymnema Sylvestre (90 capsules)

    Vanilla Flavour Sachet

    Chocolate Flavour Sachet

    Strawberry Flavour Sachet

    Turbo Shaker

    1 x Uriscan Ketone Sticks

More than just a diet:

Ultra Diet is a system of education that will programme your thinking on food. You will learn about proportioning, food content and how to prepare high quality meals using an appetizing variety of ingredients that are already in your fridge or pantry.

The Ultra Diet programme has a wide variety of approved foods on its list. On and average day you could find yourself beginning with a breakfast of tomato juice, eggs, bacon and mushrooms. Followed at lunchtime by a chef's salad of chicken, cheese and avocado, while dinner could be a grilled steak with vegetable kebab and a tossed salad.