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The human body is in a constant state of war against invading pathogens. Their armies are becoming more intelligent, and more dangerous to your health every day. The body’s first line of defence against these enemies is the immune function. The immune system has an amazing arsenal of high tech weapons to fight its military campaign, and anything that we can do to support, and strengthen it, is a wise investment.

Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRP’s)

Modulates immunity and cytokine levels. Inhibit viral infection in cells. Restore normal cell function. Anti viral, anti allergy, anti inflammatory. Cytokines influenced by PRP’s.

Note: Cytokines are a unique family of growth factors, and are chemical messengers.

Interleukin Type 1 Repairs after neuro degeneration following Strokes, Alzheimers, and multiple sclerosis, etc.

Interleukin Type 4
Normalises asthma allergic responses.

Interleukin Type 6
Involved in IgA production.

Interleukin Type 10
Reduces inflammation.

Interleukin Type 13
Reduces chronic allergic inflammation.

Interferron Gamma
Regulates the immune system

Regulate the duration and intensity of the immune response (Attack), plus play a role in cell to cell communication. Boost T-Cell activity and production of immunoglobulins Lactoferrin Regulates and absorbs iron which is a essentia substance for bacteria and virus’s to reproduce and replicate. Transferrin Binds and transports iron Lysozyme Is an immune system booster that destroys pathogens on contact.

Transfer Factor

Very small molicules that transport knowledge and finger prints of invaders so that they are readily identified. They are also troop carriers delivering inventory to the front lines of the battle.

Natural Killer T-Cells

Large Lymphocytes are scavengers that scour the body looking for anything out of place and engulf or chew up infected cells or invaders. Ten to fifteen percent of the white corpuscles in the blood are Lymphocytes. They are the frontline of defense locating and destroying diseased cells and invaders.

The average NK T-cell can destroy between 20 to 50 pathogens or diseased cells. This ratio is known as a Lytic unit which measures its killing power. A recent clinical trial in the USA with 109 patients given PRP supplementation showed an increase of Lytic units from 18 to 246. An increase in killing power of 1267%. Reference.


PRP’s play a vital role in coordinating all the bodies forces to destroy pathogens immediately they enter the body and before they establish a bridge head. This is particularly
important with the virulent bird flu virus.


IgA Neutralises toxins and harmful pathogenic invaders.
IgA Inhibits binding of pathogens to cell surfaces.
IgM Controls and regulates antibody response.
IgD Supports healthy cell function.
IgE Regulates allergic response.

Growth Factors

Growth hormone is made by the pituitary gland and controls body growth and replication of all cells.

IGF1 Has a similar molecular structure to insulin. Also delivers an anabolic effect.

IGF2 Manages the functions of major organs. Brain, liver, kidneys etc.

TGF2 Induces epithelial development.

Epidermal GF Regulates cell growth and proliferation.

Fibroblast GF Assists in muscle building and repair.

Platelet derived GF Regulates cell growth and division.
Secretory IgA Protects mucous membranes. Throat, lungs and intestines.

IgA specific helper stimulate natural IgA production.

Other Health Related Components

Leukocytes Stimulate production ofinterferon. Interferon Slows viral reproduction and penetration through cell walls.
Regulates intensity and duration of immune response.

Responsible for cell to cell communication. Boosts T-Cell activity and production of immunoglobulins.